Mosaïque Surface first gained attention with its locally manufactured, luxury natural stone mosaics.

In the early 90s, the art of mosaics is inexistent in Quebec and Italy is dominating the mosaics industry in North America. It is with much vision and inventiveness that Louis Fiset, self-taught pioneer in the art of mosaics, makes a life-time endeavour out of his passion.

For over 25 years, Mosaïque Surface has been pushing the limits of the North American mosaics market, always looking to innovate and to expand the boundaries of traditional tile making. Today, Mosaïque Surface remains a leader of mosaic fabrication in North America.

Maison Fondée en 1992


Mosaïque Surface is born. With little equipment and a total of 3 employees, including President Louis Fiset, mosaic making is a slow process. From technical drawings to cutting stone and assembly, everything is 100% handmade.


CAD drawing is introduced. This speeds up and facilitates the design and technical drawing aspects of the process. All the while the Company keeps acquiring more space and more tools, becoming increasingly established in the mosaic industry.


Having an in-house creative designer, Mosaïque Surface makes a name for itself as the leader in original designs, and expands its work area which was previously limited to mosaic production, to include a dedicated Design Team.


Waterjet technology is introduced. This allows an incredible freedom of design and the Company starts creating tiles that are cut along complex curves. This is the tool that allowed us to create the organic patterns we are famous for today.


“Modernized Basics” Collection is launched, once again marking a new era in Mosaïque Surface history. From this point on, every pattern is designed as part of a collection, thus weaving a story into each collection with the narrative thread embedded within each pattern.


First Quick-Ship collection is launched; the Ready-to-Ship Collection offers designers the same quality mosaics that are the trademark of Mosaïque Surface, for an affordable price.


Divinity Quick-Ship Collection is introduced. Soft, elegant and timeless are three words that perfectly describe the Divinity Quick-Ship Collection. This vast collection features our most popular patterns in two colorations warm and cold. A new business model is born shortening lead times while offering quality mosaics. An affordable luxury.


Metropole Collection is introduced. Inspired by the architecture of great cities; exotic, worldly compositions reflective of the various influences of each city.


The Company moves to its current location in Montreal’s design district. The larger space allows for the expansion of the future Atelier, now poised to handle larger and more complex projects.


In the same year Mosaïque Surface launches its Atelier Collection designed in collaboration with Blazysgérard. This Collection pushes the creative boundaries and highlights the craftsmanship of the Mosaïque Surface Atelier group composed of artisans and artists.


Odyssée Collection is launched. This is by far the most intricate collection created so far with metal inlays never seen before in the industry. Again, ground breaking.


Introducing French Quarter Collection and the introduction of Terrazzo for a mixed media look.


Introducing Lalibertà Collection and the addition of Mother of Pearl in the French Quarter Collection, staying one step ahead in the luxury mosaics industry.


Introducing our famous collection, Rêve d’Orient; Perfectly imperfect. Naturally chic. Authentic. The Rêve d’Orient Collection has been inspired by the beauty of Eastern Asian culture and the spirit of Wabi Sabi. It celebrates the perfectly imperfect artisanal craftsmanship.

Our Story

Increasing demand worldwide leads to opening up an international distribution market covering Europe, India, the Emirates and growing every day. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to ship our mosaics everywhere in the world.