A regular line of standard mosaic fields such as squares, rectangles, and basketweaves in over 80 available stone colors.

Collection French Quarter

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French Quarter

French Quarter is the soul of New Orleans… inspired by the rich culture and grand architecture that gives a nod to the historical French influences.

The French Quarter Collection story comes together in four chapters, all inspired by the sweetness of the South and lux interiors that once were.

Collection Odyssée

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Odyssée A love story begins…

She wakes early in her apartment in the heart of the Parisian design district and finds herself alone, her love having departed long before she has roused. Still tousled from sleep, she ventures from room to room searching for him. Her eyes fall on a map of Paris, carefully left on her makeup stand. Scrawled across it in a hand she knows almost as well as her own, a note simply reads, “Follow the map. Find the clues. Meet me at the end of this adventure.” Alight with curiosity and map in hand, she steps into the morning sunlight, ready to pursue his clues. They take her through Paris’ most beautiful sights and awaken treasured memories of him. The Eiffel Tower, the Jardin du Luxembourg, Place de la Concorde, the Arc-de-Triomphe and Place Vendôme– she visits them all, dutifully following each tantalizing clue on the map to her final destination. Finally, the game finds its end as the sun has just begun to set. Framed in its glow, there he waits for her. They stand on the Pont des Arts– on the very spot that serendipity brought them together many years prior – where the adventure began. Together they overlook the city that inspired and nurtured their love. With the last of the sun’s rays flickering across the Seine, he asks her the words that will tie them together for the rest of their days…

Collection Atelier

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The Atelier Collection

The Atelier Collection, created by blazysgérard for Mosaïque Surface is the brainchild of designers Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard. The collection pays tribute to several world-renowned fashion houses, with subtle touches of architectural inspiration within each design. At once formal and playful, the fashion-centric Atelier Collection delivers a selection of timeless patterns fused with the designers’ signature touch. The collection’s daring and elegance brings a striking aspect of the avant-garde to the traditional art of mosaics Atelier showcases the precision, detail, attention and care in every mosaic. Intricate, delicate, complex patterns. Simply exquisite mosaics.

Collection Metropole

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Inspired by the architecture of great cities; exotic, worldly compositions reflective of the various influences of each city. Travel the world, savour the culture and bring home the rich history of your favorite city.

Collection Manhattan

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Inspired by the bustling city of Manhattan. A city that is always stimulating the senses. This collection is upscale with a definite cosmopolitan look, showcasing very exciting patterns that bring to life this collection. Get a stimulating design with a mosaic from this distinct collection.

Collection Modernized Basics

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Modernized Basics

Modernized Basics brings back the fundamental geometrics with a modern flair defined by distinct colorways. Edgy, young, decisive. Revive a space without compromise.

Collection A la Carte

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A la Carte

A curated selection of intricate patterns and colorways compose this French à la carte menu of mosaics that showcases the extraordinary craftsmanship of the artisan. Choose any of the mouth-watering mosaics to enhance your home.

Collection Wonderland

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Wonderfully surprising Terrazzo. Totally sophisticated. A place of marvel and power. The authentic Italian cement-based terrazzo has no equivalent. Need we say more?

Brutalist buildings from around the world covering the likes of Rotterdam, Miami, Sydney, Dhaka and Italy were the go-to inspiration for the Montréal designer and creator of Mosaïque Surface’s new Wonderland collection featuring authentic Italian Terrazzo in six (6) exciting colors complemented by the look of rich metals.